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A Mobile Project

With professional code, graphics, and design, we knew that this app was going to be fun.

Our Approach

With code, graphics, and design all necessary in an application, we were the perfect team. After hours and hours of hard work we have finally passed the Alpha stage and into beta.

Custom Icon Design

Our professional artist, Owlectric, designed a wonderful set of graphics for the whole game. Without them, the game would not shine as bright.

User Interface Design

The app’s design was made to entertain the user with small little quips. The home screen snow falls wherever you tilt the device, and it actually feels like it is snowing out of the menus!

Unique Gameplay Design

TinySkis was made to be amazing on all platforms and play just as well on any device. We can guarantee that you will have fun on our unique game made for all ages.

Team Members
Stages before beta
Git Branches
Current Testers

The Final Result – The┬áMost Fun And Quick App Ever

Everybody loves a fast, endless game. TinySkis is just that. We are going to have fun watching it grow.

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