Kobalt Development

Infinite Possibilities. Intelligent Innovation.

Multi-Platform Development

Kobalt doesn’t just focus on one thing. We do it all! From Xbox to Google Glass, we write software and websites for just about everything.

Ready for Anything

As a creative company, we’re ready to dive into any wild project you want us to. We can handle multiple development such as hardw

Real-Time Cloud Development

Kobalt envisions a wireless future in which we want you to experience too. With the use of modern tools such as Google Drive and Github, you can watch us work and enjoy your coffee.


Cutting Edge Technology Designs

We specialize in creating products and software that is both professional and up to date.

We are the kings of innovation and technology. Put your money to good work!

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Cole Fortson

Cole Fortson


Hey, I'm Cole Fortson, the CEO and Director at Kobalt. I do a lot of network engineering, Swift/iOS development, and design.



Artist // Designer

Hey, I'm Mynaria or Owlectric and i'm a student of Illustration/Graphic Design, and Lover of EDM.

Chris Canard

Chris Canard

Game Development Leader

Many years of experience in C# Programming, Unity, and Object Oriented Programming